Battling bed bug infestations
starts with knowledge

Although bed bug infestations are growing, there are many things you can do to avoid bringing them home.

At home:

  • Never bring discarded furniture into the house.
  • Check any furniture or clothing you purchase before you put it away.
  • Many mattress manufacturers use refurbished materials. When you purchase a mattress make sure it has been made with new materials.
  • Put newly purchased clothing in the dryer (follow garment care/directions labels) for 10 minutes at high heat
    to kill any bed bugs that may have traveled home.
  • Frequently wash and heat-dry your bed linens.

When traveling:

  • Check your hotel room for any sign of bed bugs on the mattress, headboard or night stand.
  • Always use the luggage rack and keep your suitcase away from the wall.
  • Keep your belongings off the floor - hang all clothing and put shoes on the closet shelf.
  • Spray luggage with Pre-Strike® bed bug killer after staying in hotel rooms, taking airline flights, cab rides, and using public transportation.
  • When arriving home, unpack your luggage as soon as you get in, away from furniture and carpeting. Then spray your luggage with Pre-Strike® bed bug killer and store suitcases in an isolated space until you are sure they are bed bug free.
  • Put clothing from your suitcase into the dryer (follow garment care/directions labels) immediately after unpacking and heat for at least 10 minutes to kill any bed bugs.
  • Bring a travel sized Pre-Strike® bed bug killer with you for added protection.